Cabin magazine


We go all year and dream about it. The perfect family holiday.

It is well known that Norwegians love the cabinlife. Norway is the country in the world that has the most cabins in relation to its inhabitants. But what do you really do on a cabin or family trip? We think we know exactly how the holiday will be after how we plan it. We pack everything we need and go for the purchase of what would be missing. The kids have ipads or iphones to play with or watch movies on. That makes the trip easyer. But what do you really do when you don`t necessarily have such entertainers? What do you really do without wifi? What can you really do – like a family – without a screen involved? With this cabin magazine we take a closer look at that.

This is a magazine the whole family will enjoy and find usefull. Not only before traveling or at the destination, but also on the way there!

Words of value:

  • Playful
  • Creative
  • Informative
  • Handy
  • Entertaining
  • Fun


Familys with childeren/ grandchilderen that likes to travel and spend time at the lodge/ cabin. Agegroup: 4-65


  • Packinglist
  • Activity-pages
  • Out of the car window – what do you see?
  • Make your own dise/ fortuneteller
  • Animal tracks
  • Quiz
  • Coloring
  • Cutout cardgame
  • Interview: The treehouse expert
  • Mushroom-special
  • Fairytales and old sayings
  • Seafood recepies
  • Easy “on the road” recepies
  • Atricle: From Kodal to Kautokeino