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Criteria : Logo, Website/ Html+css.create a campaign page for a new product  and develop logo, color palette, typography, design / illustration for use on the website. The website should inspire the audience to buy the product.

Issue : How can stressed out familes buy shampo & conditioner for every familymember, in a quick and easy way that also makes it easyer to have a clutter-free shower?

Celution : A family pack of silicone that can be hung in the shower, with shampoo and conditioner for mom, dad, children and pet.


  • No more running around to different stores
  •  Less “mess” in the shower
  • Everything in one box
  • Also available in travel size
  • Mix and match as you like
  • Pet/ dog shampoo can also be purchased separately
  • “Start kit” with stand in silicone
  • Refill bags

Audience : Stressed out families in a hurry! Agegroup: 2-45

Words of value:

  • Playful
  • Retro
  • pop art
  • Colorful

On the run

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