Wanderlust Yoga

Offroad yoga in the Himalayas

Wanderlust Yoga is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. They are a team of yoga instructors and guides that offers 16 days guided group tours in the mountains of Himalayas with trekking and yoga combined. The tours go beyond the usual tourist paths. 

 “Exploring the path less traveled”

Words of value:

  • Informative
  • Tempting
  • Calm
  • Inviting 
  • Complimentary

This company is brand new and needs to use thrifty solutions. A round logo is perfect as a sticker and/ or a stamp, which is a easy way to market. Stamp the logo on napkins ++. The logo also works good without color and with or without the circle. One can use it in different ways.

Business cards in both colors

The cosumers of Wanderlust Yoga will get this free welcome-magazine at their arrival. The magazine contains usefull info about Nepal, what to do and places på visit. It has an overview of the 16 trekking days, a map with the trekking route and tips for the journey. The magazine is in A5 format so it can be carried around without taking too much room.

ID cards for the staff at Wanderlust Yoga

Wrist bond for the costumers.

Go big or go home they say.  Why not market themselves with an air balloon !


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